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Ch. Moonmariner Malteazer,

a seal tabby point

 ... known to us as Teazy.








  Teazy has a very lively nature, and, as you can see (above) she can be very 'saucy' !! She is the answer to the problem we all have of tomato ketchup dribbling down the bottle! Teazy likes it and licks it clean! She is available for licking-hire ... at a cost!

 She has the most beautiful eyes, and is a bundle of fun ... always into mischief. She is very clever at teaching all the other cats naughty tricks !!

As they say " She is a 'one-off' !!"

Her date of birth was 20 May 2006.






... on the ladder of success!



And WISTERIA, not to be outdone

takes a step in the same direction ..

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