Jonathan's Far East trip

commemorated ... !


Cat Man Due!


‘Twas in the merry month of May

That Jonathan Emery went away

He suddenly got the wanderlust

He had this urge .. it was a ‘must’

And with a backpack on his shoulder

One early morn’ he slipped his anchor

Where d’you think our wanderer went?

Off to Thailand! With his little tent!

He’d only been there but a day,

A thieving Thai took his pack away.

With it went all his hard earned cash.

He was bereft .. gone in a flash!

He found the British Embassy,

On their computer sent this plea,

To all his friends he’d left back home

He pleaded, “I need from you a loan”

“Transfer cash by internet”

“To my bank in Somerset”

And being such a popular gent

We thought “No cash! Stay there! Repent!”

Who will tend the cats? Jane Emery!

Our Jonathan’s just a memory!!


(Did you think we would desert you?)


© Owen Lee Joe King   May 2013



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